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What are Hydrographics?

Hydrographics is the transfer of printed designs onto three-dimensional objects through the application of a film and water. Also known as “hydrodipping” or “water transfer printing," the hydrographic process allows the experts at DIPT Hydrographics to apply graphics securely and professionally to a variety of surfaces – metal, plastic, glass, hardwoods, and others.  Whether its camo-dipping a skull to capture the memories of a hunt, automotive parts for that custom look, a firearm that will make all your buddies jealous, or anything in between!  Experience the incredible difference of hydrographic printing compared to that of other screen printing options by turning to DIPT Hydrographics!


Jim Pavelek  Owner

Jon Pavelek with Deer

Jim was raised and resides in Armada, Michigan and has been a Firefighter/Paramedic for 16 years. He attended Oakland University for Mechanical Engineering and Macomb Community College for his training in emergency services.  When not on duty, you will find him in the woods or on the water.  As an avid outdoorsman, Jim takes advantage of everything that the Michigan outdoors has to offer.  This passion led him to acquire a position at one of the largest white-tailed taxidermists in the country.  Though his attention to detail has been labeled lightheartedly by some as OCD, Jim takes much pride in his determination…. ok… let’s just call a spade a spade here. He’s anal AF. But if you’re a customer of his, you’re really going to like this attribute as it will show on your product. There. Said it.

Jon Pavelek  Owner

Jon Deer.JPG

Jon was raised in Armada, Michigan and now resides just outside of.  To say he has always loved the outdoors, music, and creative arts is an understatement.  After high school, he pursued a degree in graphic arts at Baker College.  Difficult to find such work at the time, he started off his professional career as a mason, working for the family business, but deep down he knew he needed something to further express his true passion for white-tailed deer hunting.  Jon put masonry aside and began fueling this dream full time at a professional taxidermy studio.  There, he was able to express his talent and refine his craft in recreating other hunters' memories and trophies.   Unbeknownst to him, taxidermy became Jon’s gateway into the world of hydrodipping where he is now a Hydrographics Specialist. THIS is where Jon found his niche.  It combines his talents of graphic arts and his passion for the outdoors all in one. From guns to deer skulls, to guitars and cars, Jon is mastering his craft and loves the challenges each new day brings.  He is eager and excited to be on the cutting edge in the business of Hydrographics.

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