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European Mounts


DIPT Hydrographics is unique in the fact that we have a background in professional taxidermy and are a registered taxidermy shop in the State of Michigan.  We continue with that passion and specialize in European skull mounts as well as custom plaques. Some of the largest Taxidermists and Deer Processor’s in Michigan trust us with their skulls.  This is because DIPT Hydrographics has grown a reputation that utilizes only the best products and methods in the industry to ensure a professional quality mount and unsurpassable longevity.  Whether it’s a traditional Clean and Bleach or a custom look with a dipped pattern of your choice, DIPT Hyrdographics has you covered!

Why choose a European mount over a traditional shoulder mount?

Cost!  A European mount costs nearly ONE-THIRD that of a shoulder mount!  You could mount three skulls for the price of one traditional mount.  More money in your pocket at the end of the day is never a bad thing and you are still able to capture the memories of that hunt on your wall to invoke story telling and bragging rights for decades to come!

Space! Shoulder mounts can start taking their toll on wall real estate.  A European mount fits nicely in a corner, on an end table, or as a centerpiece.  They don’t protrude as far from a wall either, making it a perfect choice in tight spaces, or when your significant other starts complaining about all the dead animals that you call trophies on the wall.

Automotive, ATVs, UTVs, & Golf Carts


DIPT Hydrographics is registered with an FFL (Federal Firearms License).  We take firearms seriously, which is why local gun distributors use DIPT to customize their inventory.  As avid hunters ourselves, we understand what to expect from firearms.  We use only the best automotive grade products in the industry and pay due diligence during every step of our process to ensure your firearm’s performance and durability when it matters most.  Unless otherwise requested, our last step consists of using a specialized “Dead Flat” protective coating with only a 1% “gloss” to give it that factory finish, without making you stand out like a sore thumb while you’re hunting game.  We also understand the importance of bragging rights and we will do our best to make sure that when you open your firearm case in front of your buddies, you WILL be envied.

rim being hydrodipped

The sky is the limit with options here!  Whether it’s just a side mirror cover, a dashboard instrument panel, or full plastics, all custom work is done in house. Your products never leave our shop to be outsourced, ever.  We handle every step in the process of customizing your ride.  Add carbon fiber to specific parts for that custom look that will set your ride apart from the rest!   Or dip that ATV or Side by Side for a one of a kind look you cannot buy in stores!


Have your own deer processing business or taxidermy studio?

Let the professionals at DIPT Hydrographics help make your business more versatile. Call us to inquire about our wholesale pricing and start offering your customers European mounts and skull dipping!

Call Today: 810-798-8541

Popular Patterns

Our most popular patterns here at DIPT Hydrographics. Please feel free to inquire about additional patterns!



Firearms and Archery

AR Rifle complete dip* starting at $350
Standard Rifle complete dip* starting at $300
Shotgun complete dip * starting at $300
Pistol complete dip* starting at $250
Compound Bow complete dip* starting at $300


*Gunsmithing fee for AR style and Shotguns* $50

*Tear down/reassembling fee for bows* $100

European Mount Skulls
White Tail Skull clean and bleach (Euro)** - $175

**wood plaque mount available, SM $35, LG $40
White Tail Skull cleaned and dipped (Euro)** - $250
**wood plaque mount available, SM $35, LG $40

Automotive – due to the extreme variation in parts and sizes, please call for pricing
ATV plastics Large* starting at $800
ATV plastics small* starting at $450
Golf Cart full plastics standard* starting at $800

Golf Cart door (set) starting at $250
Golf Cart Rims starting at $100 each
Snowmobile full dip* starting at $800
Snowmobile hood only starting at $375
Motorcycle full body (Dresser Style)* starting at $3,000
Motorcycle full body (Café Racer)* starting at $2,000
Dirt Bike full plastics* starting at $450

*Individual parts dipping is available, please call for pricing

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